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  1. productive day

    8:52pm (Mountain Time) I had a pretty good day today. I went and cleaned for singer. I was there about 4 hours. It is nice because that means I got all my hours in for this week. She said I could take a cutting from her raspberry bush so I walked home with this cutting from the bush in a pot. I must have looked awfully silly. I-spy and I planted it a bit before dinner. She cleaned out the garage which was nice. I brought a piece of tile in from the garage and started a painting on it. I think it looks kin of cool. It was nice to find a new type of surface to paint on. I was finally able to do my homework for my sponsor tonight. It had been about 3 days since I have done it and called like i am supposed to. Tomorrow I am going to go to church and return the books I borrowed last month. I have had them longer then I was supposed to have them. JM still hasn't called me back. We left her a phone message on Tuesday and I called again today. It is nice to know the police are so concerned about my safety during this process. They obviously don't care at all. I told SK today that I can't get a TOP without the rapist's address. She said oh I think JM has it I will have her call you. So much for that idea. The Police in the other state are supposed to be contacting him this week. UGH! This whole process has sucked. When it is all over I am gonna Put his name out there as a rapist on the internet so that if anyone searches his name on google they will come up with that hit. At least that way people will know. Some times I think I should have just done that instead of reporting. It may have been an easier process.
  2. Lack of sleep

    10:25pm (mountain time) Last night and today were really hard. I forgot to take my meds yesterday. I have no idea why but I forgot and thus I didn’t sleep but an hour last night. I was feeling so self-destructive last night and this morning. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hang in there with the feelings. I made a whole bunch of phone calls this morning and connected with people. I called dancer and talked to her for almost an hour. She makes me laugh and reminds me that I am going to be okay The nice thing is that I actually believe her when she tells me that. I don’t always believe people when they tell me I am going to be okay. She told me I need to start painting again. She isn’t the only one who has told me that. I guess it is time I start listening. Dancer also told me the name of the book I wanted to get. It is called “Cry Hope” by Jan Veltman. It is a book of affirmations. My food was messy today because I slept a for about 5 hours. But I had a good dinner and have been drinking lots of water which is good for me since I never do drink enough. The cats kept me company last night when I couldn’t sleep. That is always nice. I feel so much better that I got some good sleep without nightmares. I still have heard nothing from JM about getting a TOP before they contact the rapist. I need her to get me his physical address otherwise the judge won’t grant the order. Well I think that is more than enough writing for tonight.
  3. Spiderman to the rescue

    10:30pm (mountain time) I haven’t been sleeping well for about a week or so now. I have been having really bad nightmares that jar me for most of the day. I decided that it is time to call in the big guns so I went out and got Spiderman sheets. They only work for the twin bed but still I feel safer knowing they are on a bed somewhere in the house. I-spy and I were reading about the order of protection tonight since no one from the CVA has called yet. I figured I could fill out the paperwork and take it to the courthouse. Well I can get a 20 day temporary order however “the rapist” has a right to appear in court at the same time I do if I want the order to last a year. I really don’t understand why he has so many rights. More and more I am learning why women don’t report. We aren’t protected when we do. I wish doing the right thing didn’t feel so bad!
  4. Here are centers in Montana: Anaconda PCA Family Resource Center Anaconda, MT 59711 Hotline Phone: 406-563-7972 Business Phone: 406-563-7972 Sexual Assault Services -- YWCA Billings, MT 59101 Hotline Phone: 406-259-8100 Business Phone: 406-245-4472 The Sexual Assault Center Bozeman Help Center Bozeman, MT 59715 Hotline Phone: 406-586-3333 Business Phone: 406-586-3333 Special Services: Teen, The Voice Center Bozeman, MT 59717 Hotline Phone: 406-994-7069 Business Phone: 406-994-7142 Special Services: Teen, Safe Space Butte, MT 59703 Hotline Phone: 406-782-8511 Business Phone: 406-782-9807 Hi-Line's Help Conrad, MT 59425 Hotline Phone: 406-759-5170 Special Services: Elderly, Family, Women's Resource Center Dillon, MT 59725 Hotline Phone: 406-683-3621 Business Phone: 406-683-6106 Special Services: Disabled, Elderly, Family, Male, Teen, Spanish Women's Resource Center Glasgow, MT 59230 Hotline Phone: 406-228-8400 Business Phone: 406-228-8401 Special Services: Disabled, Dawson County Domestic Violence Glendive, MT 59330 Hotline Phone: 406-989-1318 Business Phone: 406-377-6477 Special Services: Disabled, Elderly, Family, GLBT, Under 12, Male, Teen, Voices of Hope Great Falls, MT 59403 Hotline Phone: 406-453-4357 Business Phone: 406-268-1330 Supporters of Abuse-Free Environments Hamilton, MT 59840 Hotline Phone: 406-363-4600 Business Phone: 406-363-2793 District 4 HRDC DV Program Havre, MT 59501 Hotline Phone: 406-265-2222 Business Phone: 406-265-6743 Friendship Center Helena, MT 59601 Hotline Phone: 406-442-6800 Business Phone: 406-442-6800 Violence Free Crisis Line Kalispell, MT 59903 Hotline Phone: 406-752-7273 Business Phone: 406-752-4735 Healing Hearts Lame Deer, MT 59043 Hotline Phone: 406-477-6412 Business Phone: 406-477-6412 Special Services: Disabled, Elderly, Family, Under 12, Male, Teen, Other Languages: Northern Cheyenne SAVES, Inc. Lewistown, MT 59457 Hotline Phone: 406-538-2281 Lincoln Co. Women's Help Line Libby, MT 59923 Hotline Phone: 406-756-2835 Business Phone: 406-293-9141 Special Services: Disabled, Elderly, Family, Teen, Tri-County Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence Livingston, MT 59047 Hotline Phone: 406-222-8154 Business Phone: 406-222-8154 Special Services: Disabled, Elderly, Family, GLBT, Under 12, Male, Teen, CNADA Miles City, MT 59301 Hotline Phone: 406-951-0475 Business Phone: 406-234-0542 YWCA of Missoula Missoula, MT 59802 Hotline Phone: 406-542-1944 Business Phone: 406-543-6691