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  1. Susanna, it so familiar. I wish I hadn't started this. Having started, there's no way I can back, so I try to think some good will come out of it. But some days, it's hard to believe. I guess you were having one of those days. I think, for the last 20 years, I have been fine. Now look at me, I'm a mess. But you know what, I wasn't fine the last 20 years. The not-okayness would come out sometimes, and I couldn't figure out where the heck it was coming from. What if, eventually, that stops happening? If it does... this will all be worth it. Here's hoping, Susanna, that for both of us, we get better, and stay that way, and when it does, all those little things that weren't quite right, will be little scars that stay closed, and not the occasional big open wound, like it used to be.
  2. I love the way you handled that
  3. Susanna. Please try to be gentle with yourself, as you would with anyone else. That is a difficult thing you're dealing with and it is okay for you to be sad over it. Human beings weren't meant to be happy all the time, so I hope you won't pressure yourself to manage the impossible. Take very gentle care of precious you. Sheepy
  4. I will second that one. I did as much reading as I could before signing up, and then more before posting to feel like this was actually a safe place to be able to write. I was very impressed with the moderating then, and my impression hasn't changed a bit. My thanks and to you all. Sheepy
  5. Those are beautiful. Thanks so much.
  6. Thanks, Susan. We appreciate the consideration. Sheepy
  7. Dear Pandys. I know this is not really a big deal, but a few of us have been wishing for a couple new emoticons, as these are thoughts we like to pass out so much. We've been typing them as we would some of the others, like so: Any chance you could get them filled in for us? If it involves buying an image, I would pay. I think you have a thingy for direct donations? Here are nice images I've found: Link to blanket creator Got this from photobucket. There's a nice animated version, too, although I don't know that's necessary if it's too heavy in resources. Anyway, I thought I'd ask.