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  1. I know how you feel. I havent been so long in an abusive marriage, only a cupple years and I am a single mom from three kids and I have the same fear sometimes. But you have to trust yourself.
  2. Im sorry for you going thrue that. I know what it is like, but the point is that ONLY YOU can value yourself. If you value and love yourself others will do it. It is the way it works and it took me many years to get it....:-) But I am sure that you get it more fast, when you start to value, to listen to yourself. YOu become what you think.
  3. Well dear. Its not only you can get pregnant, you cant get HIV and many lot of other very dangerous stuff you will suffer the rest of your life with an illness. Please take a better care of just using a condom if the way you live your sexlife is making you kind of comfortabel. Keep the head up.
  4. ANGER is toxic. Let it go Caro. Let him go. Hes an abusive, manipulating human.
  5. My mind

    Here will be the place for my mind. In good and bad days with no limits of thoughts....
  6. As sad it is this makes me smiling.... " But apart from that he beaten you up in front of the kids, apart from that, hes a nice guy " My mother " This is life. Get over it and move on " A relative " You are 40 years old and still bothering about the old storys ? " My mother so on so on....