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    reading, I love books and always looking for reccamendations.<br />Dancing Its like an escape when I dnce Its like im a different person.
  1. If you were my sister or my brother I would tell you none of this is not your fault, and I would remind you just what a special person you are. I would tell you how I'm amazed by your strength and then I would remind you, that you don't have to be strong all the time, that it is ok to have timees when you let someone elese to be there for you, and I would tell you when ever you want me I will be there for you. Take care nicola
  2. whoa I have to say these lists are really hitting home! Right time for me to be brave rather than burying my head in the sand my unhealthy mechanisms Excessive work hours Isolation (helpped by excessive work hours) Doing lots at once online, reading music etc etc etc If Im not isolating over compensation for my mood eg) Im always the happiest person in the group I will always listen to other people! I NEVER have any problems Relapsing into old eating disorder habits, the best way to avoid is not to feel the best way not to feal is engaging in the ED It amazes me I can identify these habits with ease but changing them seems much harder love to all n