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  1. Clicking on standard does work............but I have to do it every time I click on a new topic. Is there way to keep it in standard mode?
  2. Now all I get is a topic, no post entries. When I click on a topic to read a post...........I get thr orginal post by the topic starter but all the replies are not there.
  3. No, I don't see my post, any that I posted yesterday. For know when you go to "View New Post.", well I will click on one and it will only have 1 reply, when there should be like 3 or 4 according to the last person post info on the view new post screen. I also posted one in relationships yesterday and that isn't there when I click on that topic. I have a new that why the security thing happened? Maystar
  4. I keep getting this when I enter a new post: Authorization mismatch - please go back and try again. If you have been trying to access a function incorrectly, please use the proper method. Then I was posting to the topic by Peresphone78, I Need to Be Heard, and when I click on that topic my post is nowhere to be found. However, I can find it when I click on my profile and click on find members post.
  5. Stay Out!

    I don't think have every shared this part of my family and how deeply I am troubled by it. My sister got married 5 1'2 years ago to a guy whom my family and I at first really liked. He was polite, had a job, wanted a family, and had a bright future ahead of him with lots of goals and such. He has 1 brother so when it came time to plan the wedding he and his mother completely took over. Everything my sister wanted went out the door. She became consumed by him and her soon to be mother in law and my mother was out of the wedding planning altogether. Weddings are for both, but it is always known for the brides day. My mother is so still deeply hurt on a day she looked forward to was turned into a 3 ring circus and nothing short of a nightmare. He began showing a lot of red flags and there was nothing we said or did that would pursuade my sister from marrying him. But at this point he was still charming enough that we all thought he would change. The last 5 1'2 years have been hell for her and for our family. He hasn't kept a steady job or steady housing. He verbally and emotionally abuses my sister. I have stepped in quite a few times when he did it in front of me which ended up with a one on one battle with him. But you can never win.........he always finds a way to get the last word in somehow. She got pregnant and she was scared to tell him because he did not want kids. How could you marry someone and not know they didn't want kids? That is because he lied to make himself look like a family guy. After spending the first couple years separated, she got pregnate after getting back together. He was pissed at first and then played the father to be he was the best damn person on the earth or something. The nightmare really begin. Moving from place to place, mommy and daddy had to pay his bills because he never worked. My sister worked which was enough to carry all the weight..........and then she wanted to stay at home with her newborn. Fast foward to now: If he comes within a few feet of me I will have him arrested........a few feet of my house or my kids. I will have nothing to do with him. This past fathers' day I went to visit my father with whom my sister, her husband and child were nephew and my son were playing and my sis' husband decided he didn't like it so he started chasing my son through yard and using foul language at him. That is when I made the conscious decision to never be around him even if that meant not having a relationship with my sister. I was then blind sided when I went to the river this past summer after the above happened in which I had to spend the day with him. He shot insults at me all day in which finally I snapped. I am angry that I am forced to tolerate him because of my sister. I love her so much and my nephew and I want the very best for them, but he is runining their life.........he still does not work much and pays no bills. I worry for her safety, physically and emotionally. He flat out told her that he was not going to take care of her and their son.......they weren't worth it. She has many people who want to help her.........leave him and get back on her feet with her and her son. but she won't take it. I think he is cheating or something.........never at home and leaves suddenky during odd times. I want to catch him so bad but my husband keeps telling me to stay out. How can I stay out when I know the things that I know? She deserves to be happy and so does her son. I get angry with thinking about him and when I talk to her on the phone and he is bitching out her in the background I am unable to sleep at night because I worry so much. How can I stay out and still care at the same time?
  6. Easin' back Into Things

    I am slowly finding myself back here. After reading some of the posts in "My Story" I was reminded of why I joined in the first place: to seek support for myself and to help and support others. I have such trust issues, in my rl and on here. My heart has been broken too many times and my trust completely smashed. I will use a lot of caution until I begint o feel more comfortable here again. Over the last 1 1/2 years I see that the members have grown and it saddens me to know that so many have suffered from sexual abuse or some other type of abuse. As a mother I ponder how anyone can hurt another in this way, even if it happened as an adult only. My kids mean the world to me, actually they are the world to me and I would not know what to do if anyone hurt them in this way or any way that I was hurt. I can only do so much to protect them I know........I guess I should teach them well and always keep the lines of communication open. Upon my leaving last December (06) I have peeked onto Pandys every so often and felt that overwhelmed feeling again. I still cared for everyone. My heart ached for the pain everyone has been through. But because I was still in so much pain myself I couldn't muster an ounce of support for anyone. While I feel selfish in admitting that, I know me staying away and giving myself time was the right thing to do. I will slowly get re-aquainted with those I once knew, and those whom I do not. I will slowly post......carefully not to over do it. I wil use great caution in my words of support to others so not to offend anyone or mislead what I am trying to say. I will protect my identity at all costs.....even with those who already know who I am. I am looking forward to getting to know all the new members and to lend my support to those who want it. I look forward to getting support that I have regretted not having all this time. I will be around a little a first and then more of me will come. :) xoxoxoxoxoxox
  7. Thanks...............that answers my questions perfectly!!!! M
  8. I have been away too too long and noticed some new stuff here. What is a section moderator and team welcome?
  9. It Has Been Too Long

    I have not stopped into Pandys in quite sometime, about 9 months and even back then it was only a couple times of month. While I missed this place.........I knew I had to get myself together and put my recovery first for awhile and I will continue to do so. I have been so hesistant to return because things got so messed up back then and there was a lot of hurt and confusion that I went through that I am unwilling to deal with again, or get put through again. Nonetheless, this place saved me for quite sometime and as painful as it was to leave, I know it was the right decision for my family and I. My husband and I couldn't be fact we are simply wonderfully happy. My kids are thriving and doing well. My son is now 9 months, my 5 year old will be 6 on my 2 year anniversary of joining this site. He is doing well in Kindergarten with some minor learning problems but we have been able to get him tutors and such. Moving here to NC was the right choice for us. My 3 yr old started preschool last fall and loves it. I still get teary when I see him sitting in his class. My 9 month old is crawling and the other night stood up in his crib. He is saying, Mamama, Dadadada, and Bye bye. He is sooooo laid back and chill. He has a wonderful demeanor about him. My husband and I have been in counseling over the last year and it has done wonders for our marriage. While we still have a lot to deal with it, I find that baby steps is the best way to go. He has changed and has proved his desire to change. He has been in several treatment centers and spent 2 months in one out of state that specializes with sexual addictions. I still use caution because my mind sometimes wonders back to those painful and fearful days, however, today I am happy and thankful and I couldn't ask for anything more. I am still here and will linger from time to time. I will return when the right moment comes along, today, tomorrow, 2 months from now.......who knows. Thanks to all those who have stayed in contact with me. Your support means everything to me. xoxoxoxoxoxo
  10. When I click on install activex control it comes back saying that my computer will not allow the download because it cannot verify the publisher? I will call gateway and see if they can help me! Thanks for the suggestions...... Sunshine Daydream
  11. I get this weird pop up that says in order to use this feature you must install activeX control so when I go to do that it says that my computer wont allow it because it has blocked it. How do I fix this? -Sunshine Daydream
  12. This is what comes up when I try to access my blogs. /forums/blog/sunshine/index.php? Pandy's seems to be down right now. Please hold tight while we wait for the host to fix it.
  13. This has been happening to me too. What do I do to fix it? SD
  14. What does it mean at the bottom of the page where it says, delete cookies set by this board? Just wondering. SD
  15. I noticed that when going to forums at the bottom of the page is says a certain # of guests and anonymous users etc..........if guests cant view private forums then why is that there on every forum? Just wondering!