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    Words are what we use to convey our very thoughts and it those words and thoughts that have never been able to speak. Speaking words of the pass only comes from trusting someone, and that is something I do not know how to do (not even myself do I trust), for what if I am the very thing that I grow up with? What if I an truly that evil that I would and could sexually, physically, and mentality abuse those that I love? So if the “what if “ questions answer is yes, then what is the point of even moving on, or letting people get close to me. Over the last three weeks things in my life have fallen apart, to the point that there seems to be no way out. Over a rumor about me, and those that I thought were close friends have left me, and I feel that even more is slipping away. So it would seem that those “what if” questions are indeed an yes answer, I am truly that evil of a person. The sadness of this fells my heart and consumes every part of me, that slipping into a coma is not a fare enough escape. How do I move on, how do you prove not only to myself but to others that I am worthy of love and humanity?