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  1. My thoughts on teen suicides.

    People need to remember that we are still kids. One comment feels like a punch to the gut. One shove feels like a push off a cliff. One insult makes you feel less than human. All it takes is one person to say "You are better off dead." and honestly, that is all that it takes. If your friends say something mean to someone else, stop it. You need to show that person that you understand they are human. I understand that women also need to value themselves and know what to do and what they are worth, but we are kids. Why can't any of us remember. We are not 20 or 30. Stop forcing yourself to grow up. Its not time. Let your mind grow. Don't take everything so serious. Its going to be ok. If we allowed ourselves to be the children that we are, I bet that things like this would become less common.