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  1. LOL that was really fast!!! It's spoken for already
  2. I have a purple one that I don't wear. First person to PM me can have it.
  3. Hi, I'm Elle, I'm 25 and I live in western Canada. I work in a law office, where I sit on the internet all day LOL. I have reddish dirty blondish hair with lots of streaks in it, I am never content with my hair colour. I'm 5'6", overweight and not really comfortable with that, and the proud auntie to a beautiful little boy and a darling little girl (and one more due in April).
  4. Those are all amazing...thank you to everyone who posted them.
  5. I think a lot of the fear to post comes from not knowing where or how to start, at least for me it does.
  6. - the smell of Head & Shoulders shampoo - wet hair - the smell of BudLight beer - being alone with two men - crocheted blankets - having my facial cheeks pinched - men's pajama pants - being scratched - being physically overpowered - being held down - crying in front of people - singing in front of people - giving oral sex - hearing anyone with the same first name - the 'r' word - starting a new sexual relationship - sleeping on a couch wow who knew there were so many?