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    I love drawing, painting and being creative, I love being a Mommy, I am obsessed with fish yes fish in my aquariums have all kinds they are my pets. I am passionate about helping end Sexual Violence and abuse.<br />
  1. When confronting my Mother as an adault about what my step father had done, 1. She played dumb like I hadn't told her when I was a child she pretended that she had never heard it then and I guess still beleive's her own lies today. 2. She asked my "Are you sure he ment to?" 3. She told me "Oh you are such a drama queen." 4. She said about my Adault rape " You have brought all this on yourself." Eventualy I learned to stop talking to my Mother entierly until I had my head on straight and could set boundries with her and not talk to her at all about my abuse or abusers. The worst part is that my Mother is a victim of CSA herself, I know that she suffer's her own form of denial so I can forgive her. I have learned to accept her for who she is but expect her to be exactly that. Meaning I have a right to protect myself from her.