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  1. Messing Up Again.

    Well, Right when I think I can be okay and not take pills, not cut, not burn myself I go and screw up.... I have been cutting and burning myself quite a lot in the past few days. I don't really know why. I was doing great. But now I feel like I can see why I was doing it in the first place. It makes me feel better... It really does. Though I know I shouldn't be doing it and I have to hide them and I regret it after I seem to crave it...
  2. Stay Strong. I hope you feel better and calm yourself with the piano (:
  3. Relapsed!

    Last night I took a lot of pills. I know i shouldn't have but i couldn't help myself.. I found them in a purse i had and I took them... I wanted more and more it felt great.... And now i have been smoking all morning. I cant help it. I have to work tonight.... This is not going to be good..... My head is KILLING me and i am all blah :/
  4. First Day.

    This is my first day here at Pandys. I am 16 Years old and trying my hardest to get out of school early to go to college. Of course I just had to start my period today... I get the worst cramps in the world I only have 3 Midol Left.... I'm just going to check thing out on here and try to get used to it.