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  1. If you were my sister, I would say to you Please, do not be bitter I would hold you close to my heart I would never let us part If you were my sister, I would cry with you Until our tears create a river of love And from out love I would draw forth the stars And throw them into the night sky So that your spirit will always be so high So high as it once was, And so high as it will be once more For you are my sister, and with all the pieces of my broken heart I will love you ever more Together we can face the sadness, the pain For our love is forever, it can never wane… Your pain can never run deeper than you love, never ever. And as a feather fallen to the ground, you will be lifted to the sky again; this is what I truly believe. I think I am a little late for this thread...? Love to you all, AdAstraSarah