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    Reading: Historical Fiction & Sci-Fi/Fantasy are my favorites. Music: sing, play flute, practice chanter, autoharp, guitar, a LITTLE piano & clarinet. Foreign Language Learning: speak fluent Spanish, some German, learning Welsh. Camping & Hiking/Backpacking. Swimming. Arts & Crafts
    Occupation: Librarian & Teacher (but don't have a classroom at the moment).
    Affection: Surviving on hugs these days.
  1. especially if they have red/auburn hair. (the color of the main perp's hair & beard)
  2. In random order: bearded men loud noises of all sorts, but especially emergency vehicles flickering/flashing/strobing lights certain scents white clothing, especially dresses/robes Vicks Vapo-Rub rubbing alcohol hand/body lotion being in crowds having my skin exposed (I cover up to the extreme. part is due to the fact that i sunburn easily, but it's not the whole story) s*x scenes in movies, TV, books, photos, etc.--or anything alluding to it being scolded/yelled at being put into double-bind situations doctors offices and some items within them (especially the OBGYN's office) being trapped/being in small, enclosed, dark spaces things touching my hands/wrists (e.g. bracelets, wrist-watches, rings, etc) t*rture scenes and other inhumane practices being portrayed in movies, TV, books, photos, etc. (e.g. Man's inhumanity to Man) certain phrases certain religious practices that echo the RA I was exposed to
  3. Thanks for the link, Kate :lol:/>
  4. I cannot seem to click on the link to find out about what she will speak about or anything. Please fix? (Neither link works--either the one on the banner at the top of the page, or the one on the right-hand side of the Forums page) ~Caro
  5. Stanislaus County (also San Joaquin County) ASCA Support Group Modesto, California Chapter What: ASCA-Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Support Group When: 2013 Dates: (usually every other Monday @ 7:30pm) Jan: 7, 21. Feb: 4, 18. Mar: 4, 18. April: 1, 15, 29. May: 13, 27. June: 10, 24. July: 8, 22 Aug: 5, 19 Sep: 2, 16, 30 Oct: 14, 28 Nov: 11, 25 Dec: 9 Where: Please contact facilitators for location. They will e-mail you the location and a map. Facilitators: Shelly Thomas (209) 222-8602 Dr. Irit Goldman, PsyD (209) 605-9626 E-mail: Website: Cost: FREE Download the FREE Survivor to Thriver Workbook @