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  1. "God...I of all people"
  2. The most productive person in the world

    I am the most productive person in the world. WHY? Why else? I'm avoiding my feelings, but getting so much done! I remember when I used to be able to relax withour having to obsess, organize or accomplish. It seems indulging my OCD is the only thing that relaxes me anymore. I used to tell my friends about this trend...well, actually they discovered it watching me sort paper clips in the days after my r*pe. Now I just don't tell them about it- I sometimes wonder if I should be meidcated for this- but I get so much done I figure- what could be wrong with that??? I know I am avoiding treatment but in some ways I feel like I am treating my self, you know? It makes me happy to reorganize. I probably could stop, but why? We'll see I guess, right now, straigtening and restraigtening the coffeepot seems pretty harmless...