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    I'm a beautiful fighting princess. And I will survive.
  • Birthday 05/25/1994

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    Chicago, IL
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    I'm jaded. In fact, I'm so jaded I could probably sell for a million dollars. I'm trying to strip away the jadedness. It's a slow process, but I'm doing it. I'm DOING it.
    I'm the reigning queen of eccedentiasts.
    I'm goth, punk, emo, grunge, and classy all at the same time. I'm either the heroin chic or the pretty princess.
    I write poetry, cry, laugh, dance in the rain and the breeze, and ponder the meaning of life. Generally I come to the conclusion the there is none, and we should all just die.
    I often wear combat boots with Armani.
    I might be awesome. I just am not sure what awesome means yet.
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