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  1. NO MEANS NO I am here for a handful af terrible things. But one, achingly, wrenching realization last weekend really almost drove me over the edge despite my hard-earned good god-damned disposition. That of my beloved continuing his "love-making" despite my sincere pleas for him to stop. The last time this happened I swore I would leave him , three years ago. I caved in AGAIN, with implementation of a safeword. But I am still healing and the abuse I suffered prior to meeting him has been completely dredged up from its grave. SIster I offer my sincere prayers of strength, wisdom, fortitude, and all of the tools that you need to conquer all during this time in your life.
  2. Wow, after reading a few "introductions" I feel the need to at least pay some respect to my sisters who have climbed the rugged mountain a raped and broken psyche, a disrespected body leaves you with...and offer a heartfelt congratulations for making it here. and bless you. May your love grow and your lives be rich. I have GOT to eat and sleep now. Tomorrow, I am coming to spend needed time in the Aquarium,damn it. Now that I can get in.
  3. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to get through the gates and into the garden. I need to be here. The pain around me is like ammonia. All I want to do now is collapse. Seriously, I encountered all kinds of shit getting in and its taken like 3 days or more to get it all figured out... but I am here. SHEW. So, hey. I am you...for now...