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  1. thank u!! i definitely will
  2. Place Down Your Weapons

    I understand now when it comes This feeling cannot be undone So I have gone to great lengths to prepare for this day “have you tried..” And I interpret them and say That I am equipped for this battle With a sword from the king To lose this fight, well there is no such thing There I am standing with my armor in place As I await the black night, with a smile on my face But then the night fools me This trickery I could not believe How could I have been so easily deceived? The king is not phased one bit He says he knew all along That because I have seen this dark night as a battle Everything will go wrong Piece by piece I drop my metal to the ground Everything I’ve been taught, broken with sound I place down my weapons and retreat Few people know, how hard of a defeat There was no battle today but I am wounded And they have taken me in They have told me I will be healed But it must start from within