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  1. Wow, that was amazing!! You are so brave!! I am at a loss for words... I just keep thinking...you are amazing... I'm sure your inner childern are so proud of you!! I'm sure!
  2. Lilith, Wow girl!! I'm impressed....I think you are growing so much!! (and healing?) Compare this to the earlier ones and you can see where you are becoming so much stronger (again?). Keep it up. Remember you are an amazing and kind person. (And remember, since I've never seen you my opinion is based just on your poetry and your other writings!) Continue to take care. Dan
  3. Gosh your response made me misty…[what a whimp ] I just want to make sure you are OK. Lilith, I don’t know, but even though you hold your self out as very corporal, I sense a deepness in you. Your poem, the lyrics, even how you write, all show that you are much deeper person than your family(or ex’s) apparently realize. Stay strong girl!! YOU are amazing!
  4. Lilith, remember the Strength that is reflected in your name, And you are a survivor!! you may be broken, but you are still a survivor! Rage against the dying of the light.