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  1. p.s. or, I pray they bring back public execution for perps but I still have anger issues I'm dealing with! Peace, Jude
  2. I learned that if I "tell" things will change for the next generation of abused individuals. If I don't talk about it, or do nothing, nothing will ever change. I learned also that our voices matter. To each other who we support on Pandys and our daily lives for all those who need us to listen, believe and help them. Our stories will someday be so loud that we will change the world and the perps will be running for the hills! I pray I see it in my lifetime....xxx Peace, Jude
  3. Can't even join in on this because of my anger issues. But, like Melanie said: "Fuck the lot of them" Whew....That makes me feel better! And, if they weren't already dead I'd pray for them to die a torturous death! Guess that's what Hell is for though. Like Groundhog day, over and over again for eternity! YAY!!!!! Fuck all the scumbag abusers... Guess you all can tell I'm not over it either. Peace, Jude p.s. and, never will....
  4. Belts. Haven't been able to speak the word in 55 yrs.