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  1. Former boyfriend: "That's what you were upset about? That's not rape. You have no reason to be upset." This was right after I'd triggered hard, and convulsed for a little while (I'm mildly epileptic), and told him the details of my SA, which included forced oral penetration. We'd been together for four years
  2. Older white men (which is odd, since I was r*ped by an 18 year old) Skinny, pale, oft-geeky guys with glasses and/or dark hair Protruding adam's apples People with similar voices People who get IN MY SPACE (and can then expect to be poked with my knitting needles) being home alone brown dogs masturbation creepy pagans (as opposed to non-creepy pagans, which are most of my friends) this one evangelist preacher who comes on campus every year and always manages to say something stupid and triggering chest compression hand restraint