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  1. If I may just add another good service for those in the North East Wearside Women in Need Sunderland 0800 665555
  2. my boyfriend: a lot of things hapened to you which you allowed for one reason or another be it lack of self esteem or you were curious.... errrrr NO
  3. I walked into the living room and put on the TV, the new Nike commercial (in the uk) I got triggered, I also just remember trucks, truck drivers especially EST big purple trucks as I was r*ped in one of them. I think the list is endless iv never realised there were so many before, and upon thinking about it Newcastle's Theatre Royal as I was r*ped in the truck behind here.
  4. I did my best to read most but I found my own triggers creeping up on me.. heres some of mine Fat men Old men (over 50) - stupid really my boyfriends 47 Hairy big hands Beards/facial hair - men who look like pavarotti Pavarotti penises but only when soft testicles my face being wet people kissing the sides or back of my neck i freak and just want to run being held/tied down brushing my teeth - i did this right after an oral r*pe being licked/slobbery kisses being called 'slut' Being in the car with my boyfriend Little girls - my r*pist had me watch child p*rn the smell of semen/sweat my breasts being touched my anus being touched oral s*x having anything put in my mouth women called Julia men called Lez or Brian or Barry or Martin or David of John-Joe any talk of puberty in boys - i dont recall what happened but it was SOMETHING involving a boy this age talk of me having a son - because of the above trigger any r*pe scenes in movies, any movies where theres an older man and a younger girl alone i worry what he will do Anyone waying the word r*pe, abuse, child abuse etc. bloomin heck I have a lot