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  1. LUPE FIASCO- INTRUDER ALERT Verse 1 She said that there was no love in her heart Cause one day a rapist attacked her and broke That all apart She said there was no way to fix it Or to cover her scars Then one day a guy came along that Probably could help her start He was sincere made her believe it was safe For her to trust again Before long she was cool to giving hugs to him Knew that it was right cause somethin was wrong The alarms in her mind didn't tell her he didn't belong There was no [Chorus:] Intruder [x4] Alert [x4] CHEVELLE- PANIC PRONE Gave in Again The bastard Can't keep refusing rights So he'll loan the cash But the sin Is on the hands of you [Chorus:] So to care or Plead silence, weak hands are calling There's close enough And there's too far It won't change an empty stare But I can't seem to end These images Hauntingly looks like hell [Chorus] Come, Enter the foreign. Face, All that's shameful. Cheat, May the past find Out; Separating... [Chorus] To end this catastrophic scene awake and breathe in