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    I am courageous in my heart,
    Yet emotional In the world
    I am beautiful on the inside,
    Yet is it enough for the outside?
    I am smart and willing,
    Yet will I ever reach my goals?
    I am loved by the ones that love me,
    Yet do I love myself as much I need to?

    I am given affection by all that love me for me,
    Yet is it enough to please me?
    I am a person of many qualities,
    Yet I cannot list them all.
    I am not the perfect person
    Yet I am the perfect me..... Shavee' Darnisha Banks
    I LOVE GOD....
    I am a survivor of sexual abuse..
    I LOVE MY JOB! Pharmacy Technician
    I love to write poetry : )
  1. thank u 4 reading
  2. She was a child and he was a man

    She was a child and he was a man this something couldn't be pretend he touched her private places with his hand. He touched her here He touched her there tears rolled down her face this something she couldn't bear. Would she have forgiven him if he would have apologized? But what happened between them this something he didn't realize. Oh Lord, this man is such a disgrace why does he hurt me I ask when I pray? She couldn't tell about what was happening she was to scared so she kept her faith on God she'd depend Sometimes she looks back and she can't smile because she was a child and he was a man. Copyright © 2006 Shavee' Darnisha Banks
  3. Escape

    Struggling......Panting........Breathless trying to escape hearing the low moan of someone crying rape Left alone feeling used knowing that they've been abused lying there without a clue thinking of what next to do the hurt, the shame, the guilt and the disgrace the feelings of the incident at this familiar place you hoping that this person will pay hoping that it will soon happen one day.... Copyright © 2005 Shavee’ Darnisha Banks