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  1. Repair the Breaches

    I grew up watching Star Trek. One of the things I remember about it was that if the Enterprise was in a battle and the shields were ever knocked out, then the hull could be breached. Once the hull was breached, the ship was in danger of being completely destroyed. The Lord showed me something interesting in my life. In Ephesians 6: 16 it says to: Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Notice it says shield. I realize back in the Bible times, the shields were metal objects that were held in front of the soldier, but I imagine the shield that I have as completely surrounding me front and back and up and down. If my shield of faith is fully intact, then nothing that the enemy sends against me can come through. However, the Lord told me one morning that I needed to repair the breaches. He told me that I had allowed my shield of faith to be breached, and I was in danger of being destroyed. If our shields of faith are fully operational, then there is nothing that the enemy can do against us. Anything that he sends against us will just bounce off. The only way that he can come against us is by trickery. He will try to get us to lower our defenses any way he can. Here is the major way: Galatians 5:6 says: but faith which worketh by love. There may be things and people in our past that have hurt us and make us angry when we think of them. We may be holding resentments and bitterness towards these people. The enemy will try to get us to dwell on these feelings and to not forgive these people. This will cause our shields of faith to develop breaches because as the verse says faith works by love. If we keep dwelling on them and not forgiving, then the shields will completely fizzle out. Then we will be utterly defenseless against the enemy. We will be right where he wants us to be. However, all is not lost, if we will not give up. We may have allowed the enemy to come in and make us sick or broke or any number of things. We need to run to our Father, ask forgiveness for not forgiving. Then we need to forgive. Then the Father will be able to give us our healing or whatever else that we need. Then we can recharge our faith shields and go back out to the battle. And yes, I said battle. The weapons of our warfare are not optional, if we want to overcome the enemy. Warfare against the enemy is not optional. If we don’t fight, then he will destroy us. I am talking about spiritual warfare. So do as Ephesians 6 says: and put on the whole armor of God.