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    Reading, Playing Guitar, spending time with the people who love me, and riding my kick-butt new motorcycle!!!!!
  1. Hi and welcome. 🌈 :rainbow:

  2. Have you ever heard of Stockholm syndrome? It is not your fault. IT IS ALL HIS.
  3. head aches, dyslexia, and old souls.

    WARNING! I will be treating this like a true BLOG, what ever pops into my spacie blond head I will probably write it down. So it will be boring and possibly strange at times, so I don't blame anyone for not reading it. lately I have been getting the WORST headaches, they hurt. XD (I know duh right?) and I'm worried about my painful anniversaries that are coming up. Could the headaches have something to do what all that? IDK.... I do have TMJ, and I know when I get stressed my jaw ends up hurting my head, so that's probably what it is... Something else too, I recently found out that my dyslexia is worse than I had first thought it to be, which is strange. I always knew I was dyslexic, (I can't spell worth a darn, and spell checker is the best invention EVER!) but when you take a test and you are dyslexic almost every way possible? I don't know if i should feel kind of cool, like one of a kind, or just weird, like one of a kind curious freak. Speaking of dyslexia, there are many different variations of it, something else I didn't know! how strange! I feel like the point in my life has just been full of strange self-realizations, like holy crap! I LOVE asparagus, and margaritas make me vomit! I also discovered that I SUCK at playing the wii. (Ok, so I already knew that, but I forgot.) And have you ever tried to play pool? I think its an AMAZING game! especially on my cell phone! I tried it in real life but, ehh..... The darn white ball kept bouncing off the table. (I think my power meter is off...) So growing up is so interesting, i'm 23, but people say I have an old soul. I think that may be code for: can't-win-at-drinking-games-sucks-at-video-games-goes-to-bed-to-early-and-doesn't-like-glee. But who knows? So there, my first blog. I know it was the darn most interesting thing you've ever read right? Oh, and I ride a motorcycle.