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  1. welcome Toal i'm sorry you have been through all this... it must be tough..but giving up 's not the solution, maybe see a psych or a help from someone professional, you 're so brave to tell your story this's the first step... i'm sure you'll find support here Ana
  2. focus on what you love hon
  3. with you friend,
  4. happy you didn't have bad nightmares , good luck with job, prayers from me
  5. sorry to hear that, you're not alone hon, it will pass..
  6. it happens to me too sandra it will pass hon
  7. you're not alone my friend, i can relate
  8. i don't have answer for your questions, maybe no one does have an answer, but i understand what you said.. you're really strong sandra anabella
  9. thanks sandra , hope so
  10. Forgiving...

    I always keep asking myself wether i'm able to forgive him or not, and everytime i end up feeling sad coz i couldn't forgive him!! I wonder wether this's a normal feeling or not, i mean i want to forgive him, i tried so many times and couldn't.. How can i forgive him, he ruined my life! I don't know should i forgive him or not! was it my fault? as he said! How could it be my fault i was only 5 years?
  11. my friend, , you're strong , you'll get over it, we all have our down moments and days, but it will pass, believe me.. your friend anabella
  12. hey i know exactly how you feel, but you should know that most people 're bad! bulling's one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, just try to not let anything and anyone get you down, believe in yourself my friend, you're not alone.
  13. uhh

    thanks mrsmunson for you too
  14. sorry for you 'ev been through Collegegirl, good you still have hope though, this's very important. It's not easy to cope alone and to live with a big amount of sadness. still life goes on, there's the other part of life which can bring joy and happiness! thanks for your comment, i appreciate it
  15. Feeling lost...

    hmm, don't know how to start, but i'm feeling lost, i still live with my abuser and there 's nowhere to go! it's frustrating... i have no one to talk to, i'm feeling lost and lonely, no one knows about what i have been through.. Struggeling alone's not easy at all! i'm really lost...