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  1. Thank you. I will check out the sites. I've done a lot of research on stalking after having to deal with it from someone else who definitely WAS stalking me. So,it's made me a little paranoid. I just know this guy knows about google,buying info off those sites,and about tracking phones. Idk if that means he'd do it,but he's aware of it. I don't share a computer with him,though and he's never touched my computer or my phone.I knwo he has stalker-ish tendencies though that he likes to play down.He used to show them more in he beginning but when i would tell him how weird or creepy he was being,the less it showed to where now,he doesn't really show it,or at least i'm not noticing it.
  2. No,they don't have any of that. Plus,i signed up with an anonymous email address. I just wonder if you sign up for those certain sites like intellius or whatever,you can buy people's info and idk what it shows when you do that. It's easier than ever for one's privacy to be invaded. I'm not worried to a scary extent,though.He has just always been weird,and ever since the last time he said he drove by my house,he's been weird distant.Thanks for the support. Sometimes,i feel like i probably sound very narcisstic or crazy paranoid,but i've dealt with this before on a real level and just don't want anyone crossing a line. Personally,i find driving by myhouse crossing a line. It doesn't make me comfortable. Especially,since he doesn't live in my neighborhood. If he did,that'd make sense.But,he's at least 20 minutes away depedning on traffic.
  3. Is there a way for someone who could be a stalker or stalker-ish or very possessive to find what i post on here? I mean,if i never mentioned this site. Like,is there a way for them to track it somehow? if they're advanced enough on wanting to check up on you.I've just got this weird feeling about something and cant figure it out. help would be great.
  4. wow. i can relate to this sooo much. your thoughts and feelings and questioning it all. i don't get why guys act like they don't care when things end. especially when they act so serious in the beginning. makes no sense. but,i've done the mock break up thing as well with guys. maybe that really does affect them more than we think and push them away.i wish i could stop.i wish i could find someone mature enough to put up with my b.s without pulling his own. I believe it's possible.