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  1. awww you poor love. the pain will ease u are doing such a wonderful job, and u are beautiful just beautiful. love love love to u! ur very lucky for your friend
  2. Im really sorry for you, the stress of your DR leaving and having to see someone else must be very exhausting and so so sad I had been seeing my T for a few years and than she left, i was devestated, i felt as though i had no one and i was a wreck. I cried and cried and than let her go. Once i let her go i found a new one, she was beautiful and she carried on from where i left off, i didnt have to start all over again. i believe everything is meant to happen for a reason and i feel blessed i have had both T's in my life, i have grown and learnt so much from both. Im lucky for having 2. sometimes i will occoasionally see a different counsellor for a different point of view and feel its good. Lots of love and gentleness x x x
  3. You have every right to be angry and its got nothing to do with luck that just makes me angry. i can really relate to feeling angry at u being angry at ur family, i was also abused from my brother when i was child and i feel very hurt and angry from my family expecially my parents for not being there for protection.