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  1. Its been a long time since I have been on this site but I must say its been a hard journey for me since then. I got my associates degree in 2012 and also I lost my mom in 2012 and I started having flash backs of how she knew that my older brother was sexually abusing me when I was a little girl and she didn't do much about it. It was my grandma who stopped the abuse when she caught him by accident. My younger brother used to have nightmares about what happened to me. After suffering from depression for many years, running away from home, suicide attemps, going in and out hospitals I finally decided to get the help that I need and went and got a psychiatrist that I see regularly. I was having anxiety and panic attacks from time to time because of the abuse and flash backs of repressed memories of my abuse. My psychiatrist even reffered me to a group therapy of women who were also abused. In group we don't discuss what happened but we discuss how to heal. I ended up have a baby boy this past October and I am extremely happy about him however now that I have 2 wonderful boys I am even more determined than ever to continue my therapy to be strong for them. My 13 year old tells me all the time how he wants me to be happy because he doesn't like to see me sad. My children are keeping me strong. So with that said as survivors and victims we all deserve to be here.
  2. I get the flashbacks also. I know exactly what your are going through. I hope things get better for you because I know how hard it is. Be strong and keep on surviving.
  3. Your health comes first. You are entitled to feel the way you are feeling and you cannot beat yourself up over it.If you don't feel well take care of yourself first because you can't work feeling bad physically or mentally. As far as having breakfast with your sponser as long as you are feeling well enough and want to go just go, you are entitled. Don't feel bad about having the breakfast with your sponsor because outings like that can be theraputic.Maybe going to breakfast may help you from feeling so depressed. I suffer from physical and mental pain all the time so I know exactly how you feel. I hope you get well and I know it is easier said than done but try not to worry about it. Feel better and I hope you have a good weekend.
  4. Don't be scared. I believe it is good to face your fears because sometimes it can help you overcome them. Do you know that you are strong and just by coming on this site alone proves that you are brave. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Believe in yourself. I don't know if you have a belief in Christ but there is a saying in the bible where the Lord says "GO FORTH(go forward)AND FEAR NOT! FOR THE LORD THY GOD IS WITH YOU". Have a great weekend. Remember you are not alone.
  5. God Bless you and your sisters back home.
  6. I am so happy for you!Thank you for sharing.
  7. I know exactly how you feel because I have almost the same story. It hurts. But we need to be strong and do the best we can to live. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Thank you for sharing!Stay strong and keep surviving.
  9. I was molested by my older brother from age 4 to age 7 and even though I am 39 years older now I still suffer from the pain of my horrible childhood. We just have to keep on being strong and keep on surviving because that's what we are survivors. Thank You for sharing.