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  1. Hi Susanna, I really relate to this. I am completely 'off' anything sexual at the moment. So much so that even a momentary kiss that cannot lead to anything else (eg goodbye kiss when leaving for work) is sometimes triggering the child part of me to feel anxious/uncomfortable and i just want to get away. I am hoping it is just a phase connected with things which have been talked about in therapy. I feel for you. All this is so hard. I think you are being very brave in facing so much. At the moment I can't imagine ever not needing therapy, I get so upset on such a deep down level about what happened and the feelings it seems to have left me with - and most of all the intense distress / need for safety, of the child part of me that got so confused and didn't even realise how incredibly isolating it all was. I am thinking of you a lot and following your blog. Keep on, keeping on. Safe hugs if ok. Hannah.
  2. Good for you Susanna! I really hope the Baptism goes smoothly. Sorry for dropping off the planet. I have a young baby and am really short on words. I can read forever but formulating written responses/thoughts is not coming easy. I admire how you have been coping with the situation with your brother and parents - it can be so so hard to strike a balance between ones own horrendous and confusing after effects and life in the here and now. Thinking of you, Fready.