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    Life iz real I try and live it the best I can, mistakes and all.
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    I love to write, quilt, even draw if I can get myself back to it.. not that I am good at it though... I like to color in coloring in books as I can take my time and dissapear in my thoughts. I love photography yet have lost all confidence thanks to past mental abuse.. I hope to gain it back because I have been told many times I have an eye for it.. I also love to bake cakes, fruit pies, brownies and the like. I love hummingbirds because they are such a small bird and they show that no matter how small they are they can do so many things and be amazing at it! oh yeah I also love holstein cows! I don't know why but I have many ornaments and stuffed cows! even cowie banks lol my most favorite cow and one who I do cling to when I am most upset is moo-moo... I don't care how old I get I will always cherish moo-moo....
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