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  1. No you are not a bad girl,stand up for yourself even if it causes problems.Tell someone,see someone.I do not know your story but I do understand what you wrote. I am here with support and understanding..Piper
  2. I have very little self confidence. I can't believe I said that outloud.If you were to meet me you would think wow she really has control and is so sucessful.Well let me tell you inside of me is a scared of failure or looking foolish little girl.Must always project the picture of confidence and let others think they cannot hurt me.Its a mask I wear daily and have since I was 11.I would love to have someone hug me and let me release the childs fear.I am 58 years old so its been along time.Let me hug you and hope for a better day tomorrow for you..
  3. My Sister.

    Happy Birthday to my pal, to my pal, to my pal, Happy Birthday to my Pal, my pal...DAD Happy Birthday Dear old Dad!!!!! My sister writes this on my Facebook page. She knows its just going to piss me off.What is wrong with her,how can she ignore what he has done over and over again.Makes me sick and oh so angry.
  4. Yes you do deserve cupcakes,all you want.Tell them they must clean up after themselves.It is not your job.May you have a good,warm day.today..Piper
  5. Do what your heart and mind tell you is right..Take Care..PIPER
  6. Tattered Angels

    I once met an angel whose halo was tarnished and worn with wear Her wings were torn and faded but she didn't seem to care. She continued on her way, helping others with their needs Watching over them always, taking great care in her deeds. Her life was not always easy as I saw in her halo and wings But that was a small cost for the pleasure it gave her to help others with their dreams We are all a little like tattered angels, our lives get worn with care But we keep on helping and giving to each other and we are better for the wear. So we polish up our tarnished halos and mend our broken wings And keep on giving until we reach the heaven in our dreams
  7. WOOT WOOT !!!
  8. I am so sorry,the court system fails so often and it hurts because you wonder if you matter at all.Does anyone care? I do! I have been there and watched my father pass out in court.The case was thrown out because of it.Where was the so called God to protect us.Yes they walk the streets,but we are stronger then they..Hugs
  9. This brought tears to me.I remember telling my horse all about my Dad.
  10. Beautiful and so powerful.I should memorize it,but perhaps I can just repeat"Never again will you hurt me" Thank you
  11. news articles,smell of hay,sometimes nothing
  12. May I add a very wise 17. Proud to be here with you.Hugs
  13. Thank you for your caring words.I find I have alot of rage and anger inside me.I am very good at keeping it under control.Hoping at this site with people that I don't have to put on a act with that little by little I will find the real me.Take care of you and Thanks.Piper