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    In the process of making myself appear less "manly"; I hate my body because of what others have used it for.
  1. +1 I'd buy one within minutes of seeing it online, if the price was reasonable (between $10-$30 depending on size, etc)
  2. Yes, you can change the language. Mine is set to "English/US"... 1. Type a word, such as "colour" ("colour" is underlined red for me) 2. Right-click on colour; near the bottom of the menu, you'll see "Languages"....select "Add Dictionaries". 3. A new tab/window will open, simply find your language (e.g., English (Australian)/English (British)/English (Canadian)/English (South African)/English (US) ) 4. There are a lot of non-English languages in there as well, Estonian etc. fyi, hope this helps. (I'm using Firefox as well.)