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  1. *Bedroom doors opening and closing - I can tell the sound of a bedroom door from any other door, it freaks me out *Children being physically disciplined - even grabbing an arm makes me freeze *Whispering *People flirting with me or hitting on me - I hate this one, I feel like such a freak because I want the attention, but I feel like an ugly little monster when I get it *Women I perceive as more beautiful than me - I imagine them being mean and derisive to me, telling me I'm ugly and that my boyfriend wants them more than me *Being referred to as a maternal figure *Pregnancy/babies/children *Weddings *The way most heterosexual men talk about women *Lesbians - there's a lot of bi hate out there, and I have this negative fantasy of being beaten up for having sex with men because I didn't "choose right" *Going around corners, mostly inside