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  1. Sal de tu cabeza. Es un lugar peligroso. No hay necesidad de que sus piernas a trabajar cuando sólo sus propios pensamientos que se están ejecutando en. Yo he estado allí. Mire hacia fuera y verá gente que se preocupa y quiere ayudar. Me disculpo por mi español malo. Yo os envío el apoyo y los abrazos. Manténgase a salvo.
  2. Rape crisis scotland also have a freephone helpline which is country wise. 0808 8010302 I have rang them a few times, and they have been really helpful. They can offer practical advice if you are still in, or fleeing an abusive situation, can tell you what to expec going through the legal process and of course, they can just offer emotional support if you are ringing in distress.
  3. I understand. However, it is easy to forget that behind these usernames are real people, who care and want to help. You have many people here who will listen, support and care without judgement and with no conditions attached. Take care, Buttons x
  4. We all have slip ups from time to time with SI, its all power for the course. Dont come down so hard on yourself. It will go down, will hurt less, but the thing is, you need to experience that hurt first before your mind feels able to let some of that hurt go. I know it is a cliché, and it bugs the life out of me when people say it to me, but it takes time, and it takes allowing yourself to feel bad. You have an amazing positive going on right now. You are doing something that makes you feel good, and in turn, you are giving so much to a very worthy cause. Well done. Try to focus your energies on that as much as you can. I hope you settle a bit soon. Here and listening, Buttons