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    I enjoy reading, card making and all types of music.
    I have a cat and a dog who keep me company and who i love very much. I have 2 children who light up my life - when they arent driving me mad!!
  1. I understand u completely! I am so happy that u found a reason to live and it sounds like u saved Annie too I have a Springer Spaniel called Milo - he is 3 now and we brought him home when he was 9 weeks old. We lost our previous dog 18 months before that, and were all heartbroken when he had to be put to sleep because of illness - my children were brought up with him ( his name was Tod )He was 12. This furry little bundle of mischief came into our lives and we all fell in love! Milo and i spend all day together as everyone is out at school or work and i would be lost without him. I have a spinal injury and so am home most of the time. He comforts me when im in pain, if im anxious or triggered he seems to know and stays by me and when i fell ( which happens sometimes ) he sat by me until the paramedics arrived and wouldnt move Dont listen to anyone who says u shouldnt love your dog as much as u do - she is part of your family and u have a bond with each other that cant be broken. Love to u and of course Annie.x