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  1. *small red cars with same make and model as r*psit's car *certain restaurants *goldfish crackers- MAJOR trigger *certain clothing brands- I know it sounds weird, but my r*pist would buy me clothes (and I didn't want them) *certain TV shows *people yelling- it doesn't matter who it is or if I know them- it is really triggering *kids being yelled at or spanked *my r*pists name- I had a nurse at my doctors office with his name and the nurse was helping me and I was on the verge of tears the whole time *a lot of trash laying around- I know this probably sounds weird but it really sends me over the edge for different reasons *chinese food- low mein *certain professions- not the people- just the profession (I am not sure that makes sense to anyone. There is a strong link to certain things that would happen and my r*pists professions *people holding or grabbing my hand- I become unglued *movie theatres *men with really big hands *people hugging me without my permission- I hate feeling confined and overwhelmed by someone *boat neck shirts- you know what I am talking about? Sounds weird but they are a huge trigger *people touching me period- but you touch my back without me knowing it and I freak *some bands and two songs that I can't stand to hear *certain furniture- not that i won't sit on it in other peoples houses or in public, but at my house I have a really hard time. *some funrniture with certain patterns or colors *people getting to close to my face- it really freaks me out- I can't stand it. *a lot of hair on the back of a man's hand. I hope that doesn't sound crazy-