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    I love to read, to play games, I write a lot and I love to make things. Watching movies too, I love to watch movies.
  1. sleepy and frustrated

    I was up until five in the morning and I thought I worked at three pm. Turns out I worked at 10 am. Frustrating to say the least.
  2. My first blog

    So this is my first blog. I have started looking for places to share my feelings regarding my abuse because I have a really hard time talking to people. I mean I have told my story so many times but almost always I have little to no feelings when sharing. It's like a movie I play in my mind, something that didn't really happen to me so I have no emotions when sharing the details. The pain only comes out every once in awhile, because I've buried it so deep that it rarely ever gets the chance to get to the surface but lately, I've been feeling it clawing its way back to the forefront of my mind. I have been going to therapy for years but I finally stopped because I don't find help from it. I used to, but now I just...I feel stuck. Anyways that's just a little about me. I will post more blogs later I'm sure.