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    i love to read and listen to music and help outhers.
  1. living to die

    my sprit is gone. i no longer feel like a person. day to day i live my life in fear trying to hold on to the lil bit of me that i have left. i pray day in night that i wake up and everything would go back to normal but i know in all reality that thats not going to happen so i live life the best way i can i guess im just waiting for the impossible to happen
  2. im glad i could help. one of the reasons why i joined pandys was to relate to people that been through simular situations as me so i hope to hear from you soon thanks for the post
  3. hopeless

    numb is when you stay up day and night scared as hell that what ever made you this way is going to happen again. not caring about anything. school,family,washing,friends,boyfriends,eating, sleeping,nothing all! all you can think about is bad things and bad people. in your mind theres no hope. your going to stay this way forever. you have thoughts to hurt yourself because you see no point in life. the days go by and and you feel like your like your not even alive, that your body is there but your mind,soul,is gone thats the feeling of numb.