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  1. great news

    So I got an email yesterday in my school email account. The email was about a human trafficking event. I decided to email the contact person and thank them for their efforts. I heard back and they asked if I could meet with them to disucss what happened. Today I get there and after speaking with them for a bit, they invited me to be their intro speaker!!!! I AM SOOO EXCITED! THEN! They offered me services!!!
  2. I just want to scream

    UGH.. Ended up in the ER last for what was thought to be appendcitis. After talking with the doc (female doc, thank GOD) discovered that those fuckers eight years ago gave me an STD. Im so embarrased, ashamed... dont know what to do. I wont talk to anyone about it.. Anyone been through this?
  3. I just want to scream

    UGH.. Ended up in the ER last for what was thought to be appendcitis. After talking with the doc (female doc, thank GOD) discovered that those fuckers eight years ago gave me an STD. Im so embarrased, ashamed... dont know what to do. I wont talk to anyone about it.. Anyone been through this?
  4. Struggling

    I am really really struggling with a choice here. I cannot go into detail but morally and ethically I need help. When my attack happened I witnessed something awful to a child.. an infant. I know I need to report, I just don't know how without potentially affecting my job. Anyone know of a place I can report annoysmouly? My local child protective services is not an option Thank you
  5. I hate this TW

    I am going to post this in a forum also: I've already posted about the FBI guy who claimed he was an FBI agent about two weeks ago. Friday, I had taken the dogs outside when he came up to me and asked if I was looking for someting. Of course, I took a step back knowing who he was. I shook my head and he got angry.. then said "bitch you've just signed your death warrant" and ran off. Cops showed up an hour later and toko a report.. not sure where im at anymore.
  6. FBI

    Two weeks ago, a man showed up at my apartment door claiming to be a federal agent with the FBI. I asked for his badge and he said he had left it in the car and if I would come with him he would show it to me. I refused and he grabbed me attempting to pull me out of the apt. Obvisouly, he lost and walked away. So I called the FBI the next day.. and they took a report. So today, I got a call from the FBI saying he would like to come and talk to me. Of course I agreed (I knew he was liget because he used my name) All I can say is how amazing they were! I am so so impressed. I told them some of my story (didnt want to start crying like an idiot) and they didnt push for details or anything. Instead, they said this was the first they were hearing of it. It's just nice to hear that someone else beleives me and actually gave me advice on how to stay safe! They even took the phone number of the person who keeps harrassing me over the phone! They listened to me and gave me some scary info but it was appreciated My dad hadn't been home when they had first called, so they were sitting in my living room when my dad came home. They both looked at me and said "does he know anything" i shook my head and the look on their faces cracked me up. "can you please tell him who we are.. please!" one of them begged. when i told my dad that we currently had two fbi agents sitting in the living room he froze until I told him they were for me.. then he didnt care. Ugh :\ didnt even ask why they were there. Oh well
  7. Happened again.

    I cannot beleive I am finally admitting this to myself, but I am: It has happened three times now, on three seaperte occasions, in three very diffrent circumstancs. Two I acknowldged this last one not until today.. I had been dating a police officer, we went down to his farm and even thoguh I said no, it didnt matter. He wasnt violent or anyhting, but strong and I couldnt get away. It wasen't until he was done that he realaized what had happened... I see the diffrence now in reporting. MUCH easier when it is a stranger, not so much when its someone you know. I still see the "nice guy" in him but now...
  8. Got a job!

    I GOT A FULL TIME JOB!!! My first real, social work-y job!! Best of all, I get free health insurance (which, considering I am an insulin depndent diabetic, asthmatic this is amazing) I cannot wait!!
  9. Police report

    If you have been following you know that part of what I am about to say makes you want to slam your head against a wall. My house and car have been broken into so many times since Aug I have lost count. I used to call the police everytime, and would later call my investigaor but have since given up on that. Now I just let it go. So I have a jounral that I write everything down that happend to me in, stuff I wont even put up here! Stuff about the bomb threat, what I witnssed etc. It is so important to me that I even put on the front page 'if found please turn over to the local police dept. I always keep this with me so if found something may have happened to me." I hadn't been using it long but the benefits were amazing! I left work Tuesday and went to my car.. the damn thing was gone! GONE! I am terrified, work was the one place I had felt safe. not anymore. I am terrfied because I named the people who hurt me in that thing, how I witnessed something happen to another woman just on and on. I called my T and she suggested I call my investigaor. He is great but the stuff I wrote about.. I haven't told him because it makes me sick and I cannot even mention it to my T. So she suggested contacting the local pd, I did.. online made and online report. Has anyone ever done this?
  10. ICU

    Beem in the ICU for four days now... hospital five. I finally might be coming home Thursday! MAYBE.. still dont know. Apparently I caught whopping cough, I had no idea how bad that stuff was
  11. Eight years

    Eight years ago.. It's been eight years tonight at 8:00.. it lasted until 2pm the next day. I totally look at it now as in I was given a second chance.
  12. had to leave my home

    I had to leave my home last night. My dad is on the verge of a mental breakdown and personally I think he ia showing the first signs of schizophrenia. It is breaking my heart but I am doing what needs to be done. I am working on obtaining a mental health warrant that will force him into the hospital. The fact is that I am scared for my saftety and his. I almost have a graduate degree in social work so I know and understand what is happening to him. I hate that I am doing this and it will destroy our relationship but now I am acting to keep him alive. Ive had the cops there last night for a welfare check and APS worker came out. So now me and my mom, three dogs and my moms fiance are living in a tiny apartment, but Im safe
  13. Scared for my Saftey

    I don't feel safe anywhere, I am terrfied for my saftey, for those aruond me, for a lot of people. I feel I am a risk now. Th night was the bomb scare thing, its been almost a week. Tu I went to a counseling session and my car window was down.. I am paranoid about this stuff drive with my doors locked kinda girl. I wouldnt leave my window down. Today at school, I had gotten out of my car, locked the door, KEYS in my hand and was walking away when my enginge started by itself. The keys were in my hand... it has one of those remote start things but its been dead for two years now. Okay.. so I go back in and put the keys in the ignaition to turn it off again. So it turns off, again I walk away and again it starts back up.. Repeat for the third time, this time it finally shuts off. My car.. we used to have two sets of keys for it, but ever since everythign happened to me that night, one pair has been missing. I dont want to link the two but im terrifed that someone was following me. It sounds crazy it really does.. but I am scared, plus the car was smelling like gas lik e inside it of.
  14. 100% agree!
  15. I want to cry

    I want to cry. My last blog mentioned what had happened at school. Well the newspaper came out and explained a bit about what was going on. My name was never used and no identifying information was provided, but this quote.. it bothers me soooo bad. A student reported seeing a man underneath her car in the parking lot at about 8:30 p.m., a Police press report said “She thought because of past incidents that have occurred in her life, which I’m not going to get into, that someone may have been placing a bomb under her car,” Gomez said. I never thought that! EVER! The responding officers asked if there was a possiabilty of one and because of what I knew had happened before I said "I can't say yes or no. Maybe," Why does this damn quote bother me sooooo much?