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  1. Without Pandy's, I wouldn't have had the strength to leave him. Now I know I am not alone xxx
  2. I joined 11 months ago, and I learned that healing is possible (thought painful )
  3. Thanks so much Carleen. I don't know why I didn't know about the helpline. Could have been extremely helpful a few months ago. Great to know about it now though.
  4. Ruah Community Services Ruah Refuge works with women and children who are escaping a situation of family/domestic violence and homelessness. Ruah Refuge provides crisis housing and case management support to meet crisis needs whilst helping women and children to build links to other services and to increase overall quality of life. Phone: 08 9227 6616 Fax: 08 9227 1994 Postal Address: PO Box 228, Mount Lawley 6929 Email: Getting By... Getting Ahead A guide to concessions and other ways of keeping costs down in the Perth and South-East Metro Areas
  5. Thanks Kate!
  6. What about emoticons to do with music? We have dancing animals, but nothing else to do with music. I myself find music very healing.