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  1. hi (((Rev))) how are you doing? (awesome avatar)

  2. Hi Fiona, are you here? Miss you my friend!

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    2. Revolution


      Hey Fiona, there you are :) Sounds like you've been busy.  I hope you get some rest & let me know how the exams go! 

      Its really good to hear from you :metoyou:

    3. Fiona7


      Sure thing, I'll post it here when I hear something. 

      Yes, I'm going to take a month now to just chill.  I hope you're enjoying your summer too :cuppa:

    4. Revolution


      oh yes, definitely enjoying the summer :) its my favorite time of year. I have a butterfly bush in the back yard and its really fun to watch all the butterflys (and everything else lol). I guess its soon time for them to migrate though. 

      Chilling sounds great :) I'll join you!  ice-cube-smiley.gif?1292867623okay maybe thats too literal :P 

      thinking of you