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  1. Thanks for the info. I also was considering using a questionaire website but hadn't decided yet. Thanks also for the ethics board thought. It's not necessary but I appreciate it. I'll pm soon. Should I send the pm to anyone in particular? Kate
  2. I know I read once somewhere about requesting permission to survey the board. I was wondering more about that. I am interested in writing an article about the role (helpful or harmful) that religious leaders have played in the healing of survivors. The focus is not a religion focus so much as a focus specifically on advice, counseling, reception, etc given by clerics of any faith to the survivor. Is that type of survey possible? Thanks, Kate
  3. Did something change with chat that I missed? I don't go there often, so it's entirely possible. It simply won't load for me.
  4. Thanks! I do feel a bit stupid that I didn't know that was possible. Kate
  5. Um....the avatars are cool........ I think. It has been interesting to see the ones that people choose, but what if people are using avatar images that are triggering? Our words can be triggering but we have guidelines for those and we give warnings. The avatars are not that way. I don't have a problem with almost all of the avatars, but there are a few that I find disturbing/triggering and if I feel that way, perhaps other do too? I can only imagine that when it comes to pictures (like anything else) we each of us have very different images that could be triggering. The problem is that you have no warning. Can I turn them off on my screen so that they don't display? Images are very powerful for me. I'm sorry, I don't mean to cause any difficulty. I just know that my visits to Pandy's have lessened considerably since the avatars have been added because of the potential trigger problem. Kate
  6. Thanks for your help and concern, Kate
  7. Oh I forgot the best one. (Or worst one) I teach at a public high school with 2800 students. I teach the low level special ed kids. One of my students recently came to school and told her first period teacher that she'd been raped the previous night. A counselor showed up in my class around lunch time to inform me of this student's statements and apprise me of how the situation was going to be handled. She stated and I quote: "We do not feel that she (this student) is mentally capable of understand the word rape." ........OMG
  8. oh lets see. Like Ashley-Michelle said ....being touched when I'm sleeping....that's big (my husband just doesn't seem to geth that) anyone touching my head or face doors....(Took the one off my bedroom) locks certain music certain smells trying to pray during sex......that's a huge one closing my eyes during sex gyn visits .............................haven't been in years sheesh! I better stop.
  9. On a visit to the doctor who had some limited knowledge of my past. I made mention of suddenly having terrible nightmares again and was inquiring about sleep meds. ..........You've all heard it before. It's the "You really should be over all that by now." quote. After refusing to meet with my pastor, who knows about my past, and telling him the meeting would be too threatening for me at the moment he said something along the lines of .... "What do you think your pastors and your husband are going to do? Assault you?" While visiting an out of town church, the pastor stated in his Sunday sermon "When a woman walks down the street in a miniskirt and tank top, showing everything off, she's just asking to be raped." Huh?!!! "What the hell is this?" A direct quote from my mother who had just opened and read the bill from the emergency room. Followed by "Don't tell me. I don't want to know."