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  1. hey i miss you too! i don't have your number to text. but i will PM you it. :-)
  2. long time

    wow -- its been a long time since ive been on the board... that's yr 12 for ya, i s'pose. im worried abt the "Mothers Day" arvo tea w/ maman, my bro and papa. ugh....! i have to write a 3 thou word art essay ... by tomorrow!
  3. tired

    so tired.... emotionally and physically.... I'm so tired -- first had school... then had to ruch off to Eric (Tutor #1) then to Ross (tutor #2). It's SO tiring. Eric smoothed out my Modern Speech though -- which is good. I swear i'm gonna get that man a great present at the end of the year... but what can i get...? Hmmmm.... ! Got my French (all THREE of them!!) paras done, thanks to ROss... i think he likes my "progress"... i picked out 2 mistakes today -- so that shows improvement.. .doesn't it? And sincei have a permanent allergy to looking at my own stuff.... ! I'm feeling : Bored, tired and sleepy ! Gonna relax by watchng Supernatural when it comes on...
  4. procrastinate

    Am procrastinating doing work. I've: written and typed up Ancient Old Kingdom Egypt notes and sent them off to a friend I've written 2 very short, crappy Frech paragraphs -- but i've done them... Now i need to: - write a para on the "Sed Fesitval" -- what a bore! - finish?? my modern history oral on america... gah... bored of the writing...! I'm feeling hungry!
  5. in memorium

    I miss you Robin. i miss you Robin I miss you Robin. I miss you . How many different ways must i say it before i can feel it....? Before i can stop feeling guilty? I'm sorry that i didn't help your daughters through your death... but... but i ... I wonder what you would have thought of how we all ended up. I like to think that you wouldn't have taken sides... but maybe this would have been too much for you. I'm sorry i took her away from you by being such a bad daughter by not catching the bus to Leichhardt at night. I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?
  6. a trip to T + new (singing) loves

    I really like Lior's song "This Old Love". It's very beautiful... natural. He's on par with James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" and "No Bravery" and Damien Rice's "Delicate" and "Cannonball" I only wish i could find the song covered in "House" -- in Honeywmoon -- the song House was playing on an LP when Stacey (of the eyebrows!) comes in and lays it all on the line. It's called "Delia" and i think it's by Blind Willie McTell -- but i can only find a cover by Johnny Cash. I adore this picture. John Hurt and Hugh Dancy look so natural. It's refreshing to see, after all the (although, wonderful!) Shooting Dogs promo pics, to see one with the 2 men, looking relaxed(well, sorta). Also, in breaking news.... I went to a T.... i've figured that T's a useful: you talk to 'em for a while abt your probs and they have to listen to you.. hee! Bad thing is? They charge. A lot!
  7. i hate valentine's day

    Y'see all these couples or girls with flowers or HUGE boxes...grr.... upside? if you dont have a 'valentine', you dont have to carry one home. Valentine i got was from my godmother with a card with a 50s couple, man in suit, leaning into women who's eyeing the chocolates that are next to her with the words, "Give the dangerous bitch her chocolate". hehehe.
  8. links

    useless entry... links for charmed and other things... (tc shows - family guy, futurama, house..?) http://www.putfile.com/search.php Go here: step one: http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/in...2694771&st=6135 find: brittania's post click on her link "blonde" and "in this scene"
  9. ok.

    Hi hih ihi Ok -- Maman has pissed me off. I mean, sure, its been, like, a week since i saw her, and since then i've used several coping mechanisms (avoidance, distraction -- House!) to not think of her. She pisses me off: - Suddenly, when she needs something, i seem to have friends who are able to take care of Furball. - She was a bitch to Valentin!!! - She's so demanding and -- ugh! - She calls Jack 'Doux' - i mean, its as if her first son never existed! - she thinks she can iignore me/us when it suits her and expects us to be all nnice and forgiving when she next wants something! As a result: - i am pissed off - Papa is irate - Papa is finally taking my idea and running with it -- Furball is getting a new tag! Goodbye "Lili Le Clezio" and hello Furball!!!! - I am delving deep into the depths of television/BAFTA DVDs in order to stop my brain. ------ I watched "Shooting Dogs"... so sad. I had a more emotional response to "Hotel Rwanda" though - which is strange. Cos Joe Connor (Hugh Dancy) was incredible and Jogh Hurt! Whoa!!! Oscar here we come! It was terribly sad, cos at the end you saw that most(if not all) the crew members were either a) survivors of the Ecole Technique Officielle or b) lost their family in the genocide of 1994. One woman was r* and contracted HIV. Another had to lie under the bodies of his dead family in order to not be found by Hutu extremeists. All this makes me sooo pissed off at the bloody United Nations! And the world! I mean, no one did anything. And the UN! That's their frikkin job -- to prevent a fucking genocide yet there they were, futzing around with terminology while people were dying !!!! -- From imdb: "Father Christopher, played by John Hurt, is the lynch pin in this nightmarish scenario. Having been weathered by a life of strain his last strands of hope are fading as the chaos descends upon his school. As usual Hurt's performances stretch beyond impeccable to a level of authenticity one could only expect from someone who was actually there. As with Joe, whose childlike naivety is broken down gradually until he becomes a shadow of his former self, contrasting Christopher. The director uses a young Tutsi girl, Maria (Claire Hope-Ashley), to introduce and somewhat narrate the proceedings as an unsteady UN-laced serenity is transformed into a time of fear and suffering. (The title comes from the fact the UN were killing dogs that fed on decomposing bodies but could never fire shots against those wielding machetes.) This is a flawless film in its delivery and character portrayal. The cast and crew were made up of survivors and those linked closely to the events so the film has already had the authenticity in its bones. Hotel Rwanda approached the subject matter from a different angle- a story about heroism. This film shares the same theme but it is the basic approach that sharpens the emotions and the human elements that set it apart from other films of this nature.
  10. Hee hee. Yeah - thats exactly it -- keep me distracted. Did you know that i have done absolutely NO work? Not my fault though -- have not had computer for a month. Just got it back today. Am tomorrow going to Perth, so no work is able to be done there. Hmmm. Oh, you should have seen me in the midst of my "Charmed" obsession..... or hell, my Romanov one -- but that is now more of a career choice, rather then obsession. Plus, i read. A lot. Yes, that's dorky but hey. Can we meet up when i come back from Perth? Will ring/text you when i am there (am bringing my phone). Sorry we haven't been able to meet up before -- i had bloody community service! [Yes, because i am a juvie delinquant -- no, cos the school made me -- what is the difference, you ask? Absolutely none.] Hee.
  11. hmmm

    ok. havin' a go at this whole 'image' thing... (House in glasses! yay!) (Kiri -- that one's for your brother!) ha!
  12. Snapshots

    Title: Snapshots Fandom: House Chase centric Summary: Snapshots of Chase's life Dr. Gregory House, Head of the Department of Diagnostics at Princeton Plainsborough Teaching Hospital hated funerals. They were too –emotional - everyone in black, speaking in formal, loving tones of people they really hated, and couldn’t wait to see six feet under. Also, churches and gravesites weren’t the best place for a man with a cane. Either the cane made too much noise on marble floors, sank into lush red carpeting or got stuck or slipped in mud. He didn’t really know why funerals were held – it wouldn’t bring the dead back to life. The only people he liked at burials were the priests – not because of their comforting words of ‘ashes to ashes and dust to dust’ but because of the same reason people of society hated them – they weren’t emotional enough for a funeral. In this particular instance he was standing in a cemetery in Sydney, Australia, cursing the stubborn will of a dead man for dying and leaving his estranged son completely alone in the world. Dr House turned his attention to his intensivist and saw that he was keeping well with his “stiff upper-lip” doctrine that was a trait from his British-descended cool. The last Chase man was stoic, his hands made white by the force by which he was holding a rosary, subconsciously mouthing the priest’s words. * Robert was sixteen years old when he first put his trust in God and He had not delivered. He had sat, huddled next to his mother’s hospital bed, his hands running over the rosary at the same time that the sounds of life support that kept his mother from the grips of death beeped. Hail Mary… pray for us sinners… At the rustle of material Robert looks up, startled out of the middle of the rosary. He looks up in time to see a familiar sight, the tails of his father’s black coat; walking out of his life once again. He turns to face the expressionless face of his mother – once again taking up a vigil that would have no end. * A rough hand shakes him out of his reverie. “Wake up, Chase.” The voice was rough and showed no sympathy - not that Robert expected any - from his boss, especially not on the day of his father’s funeral. “Hurry up. Thanks to you, I may not have the time to have a drink before Cuddy finds me,” House snarks, “and you know how I love mixing drugs and alchohol.” Chase blinked, his eyes clouded in confusion, “What - ?” “Let’s go, wombat.” House turned and began to unsteadily manoevre himself – and his cane – on the dry, crumbly ground, leaving Chase no option but to follow. * The wake is crowded. There are people spilling in and out of manned-doors, all wearing a range of attires – with one commonality – black. It is a black that speaks to Chase as if from a long forgotten dream – or nightmare. It is the symbol of both his salvation - and his destruction. He had been sixteen when he had first encountered the conotations that such a colour could bring. * “…. Abigail showed her unwavering kindness in the raising of her fine young son, Robert. He is a lasting tribute to such a wonderful woman….” Abigail Chase’s son, upon hearing those words from the lips of his mother’s brother, clutched the rosary that had not left his ssight since his mother’s death, until his knuckles turned white. He was suddenly posessed with a childish wish to scream and stamp his feet. He wished to stand up in front of the congregation of mourners and ask them where they were the day his mother died? The days her “lasting tribute” had to skip sport because of the bruises her “unwavering kindness” would bring? He made to speak and was silenced by a hand contorting muscle and flesh into streaks of white hot pain. His father’s fingers were digging into the flesh between his collar bone in a universal guesture that said only one thing: no. For the first time in months Rowan Chase looked at his son waiting for an answer to the non-verbalised question. Robert stared back at his father through haunted eyes and nodded: yes. … now and in the hour of our death…. ----- Tell me what you think -- its obvously not finished, i am not sure what to do now...
  13. eeee!

    House fans! i have THE link for yooou!!!! http://crispytomato.net/office/supplies/paper/ Shows scripts! I mean, sure, most are old, but they have bits that are cut out and yay! Yeah, i'm showing my film-maker roots here! http://www.livejournal.com/users/earthlyillusion/62426.html OMG! The Chase "duh Allison" and "House loves me, not you" icons are friggin' hilarious!
  14. livejournal

    Hmm... began a (new?) lj account... http://www.livejournal.com/~queen_isa
  15. pathology

    Yes, yes... we are back to analysing myself using Chase as an example. I'm cared that i am so much like a ficional character... its scary. I re-watched "Heavy" and it wasnt as bad as the first time... pretty heart-wrenching though... I can now distance myself from Chase (and his looks - hee!) and look at his motivation. Now, he seems scared and alone and very very frightened. Then he just seemed like a bastard. Now... im not excusing his "fat" comments -- they were shitty. But i understand his motives. He was having a hard months. He wa scared and, i think part of him wanted to pay House back for interfering in his personal life in regards to PapaChase... as well as Cameron (interfering little maggot). He was scared of losing the "misanthropic son of a bitch" that he came to see as a mentor and a father-figure substitute.... that he hated, but loved at the same time -- like his own father. His own father kept him at arms length (it wld appear), walked out on him and left him to take care of his achoholic mother -- and face her death and aftermath alone, as well as controlling every aspect of his life, even when gone -- and esp. when it came to career choice. House does it in a put-down way that -- before Vogler -- he would joke with him about.... but still have some semblance of a say and control i his life. And so he defends his DaddySub when House detoxes and in many other situations to Cameron and Foreman. He also had had reminders of his "former life" -- the life, in Australia that he escaped from -- month s before his dad appeared on the scene: - The discusion about drugs with the Mighty Mom in Poison -- "I gave my mom some trouble when i was his age -- i turened out okay -- even she thought so." [i dont understand -- isnt Chase's mum meant to be dead by then?] This would explain his vast knowledge on the affects of drugs - Sister Augustine (the nun he prayed with in "Damned if you Do") which re-hashed up feelings of inadequacy and disspointment - in both God and his father and himself. As House so accurately puts it: "Little boys get the fear of God put into them -- it makes them do things they woulsdnt normally do -- like go to medical school like daddy wants them to, when its te last thing they want to do." - He condemn's Luke (in The Socratic Method) to his own insecurities and helplessness -- "Enough organisation, enough lists -- you think you can control the uncontrollable? Fix her meds, fix her clothes-- it might even fix her!",telling Formeman that "Just cos you drink pricer stuff doesnt mean you dont have a problem" trying to tell Luke that he wont be able to change his mum... and to not feel bad about that. Yet he backs off wich shows consideration when Luke is adament. -And finally when his dad comes.... its terrible because he offers to talk to his dad, gives him a hug and is dissapointed again and watches his dad's taxi's tail lights prial out into the distance as he thinks he's hated. Not good enough etc. ................. why, oh why do i always become patriot of the charcter with Family Complexes?............ His similatieis to me.. are quite... astonishing.... well sort of. I can emphasise with his ""screwing over" - as Wilson so arbitrarily points out of House. All his life he's had no control and seeing his dad being Rheumatology Rowan and getting what he wanted because he was a powerful and influential man, made Chase think that he was dong the right thing -- the thng that would make him the most happy -- keeping his job with House -- by seelling House out -- even though he thought he was to lose hs job due to the angrio-gram screw up. Apparently, a normal, well adjusted person would have stood by the Co-Ducklings and gone with the United-Duckling Front.... and not ratted on House. This would have shown To Vogler that House and Co. were a important team. I the end, he rats on House, his job is still in peril an house feels betrayed. Even though partly this was House's own fault too for not convering his personal bases properly. .......... yeah, im obsessed aren't i?.... Shut. Up. Tell me what you think? Anf heyyy... im on hols -- im allowed to be obsessed....!!!!!