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  1. i wubs ya - i got no idea who you are but that silly little fact aint never bothered kids b4. can i come play???
  2. Heya all - even though i am new here - hope you dont mind me posting this... I have the normal range of triggers - certain men , smells, men with the same name as this one particular guy - even to the point where i had a friend since then that used his initials for his name eg bp and when i asked what the intials for - i shuddered at his answer and said that we would keep calling him bp. Others for me are: eyes that change - become hard like ice blue eyes certain stances of men anyone coming up from behind to me (even my kids... ) locked doors anywhere in the house blood - hate the sight of it hate hate hate hate hate hate the sight of it fists - closed or open being called "pet" people touching my hair certain "looks" being led anywhere by the hand someone breathing near my ears hands on my neck the bedroom in my parents house certain other house enclosed spaces too many people in one place oooo - sure there are plenty more maybe some other time..... Helz