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  1. Good job on the first blog! What do you mean you can't own someone else's shit?
  2. Thank you so much, all your support and kind thoughts are so appreciated.
  3. i miss you Lee, you were the best of us. You lit up a room with your brilliant smile and your warmth. What should be a happy occasion, celebrating your birthday today, has brought me a heavy heart. As much as I've tried to only remember our happy moments together, the pain and brutality of losing you overshadows it all. I wish you could have found Pandys, maybe you would have found the support here you needed to keep you alive. I've written in this blog several times, and they have always ended up in the drafts folder. I will try to honor your life on this day by being brave and posting this, for both of us. It's my gift to you, I hope you found the eternal peace you were seeking. You are sorely missed. Forever young my lovely sister.
  4. Short on words, yes, 'nothing lasts forever' hopefully that means our misery too...
  5. Even if he's truly remorseful you have to take into consideration how it's going to affect you, truly look into yourself and imagine all the scenarios that will occur once you're back in that familiar territory. Can you handle the triggers and dealing with old memories/people should they arrive. It's not an easy decision by no means. For myself I'd never be able to do it, I've moved on and don't ever think of looking back, that's just me, you have to do what's right for you. Good luck jd x
  6. That's maddening, I've gotten similar statements about my 'father', 'he seems like such a nice guy, can't imagine he'd do something like that'....well, I don't have to imagine, I lived it!
  7. I'm glad that you can rationalize this in your head, I know the feelings are always buried deep within your soul, but you can overcome this....you've already come a long way. x
  8. I hear your pain, sorry for your loss.
  9. What an unprofessional turd. It is really hard when we hate ourselves, and it's usually not merited. I hope you're feeling better, don't let someone else dictate how you feel....stay strong, and be kinder to yourself, you're worth it.
  10. Those are very horrible feelings to have to cope with. Not sure that 'video games' fall under the support clause but you should have your art supplies, sometimes it's those little things that keep us going and sane. One video game is plenty, not sure how old your daughter and her boyfriend are, but shouldn't they be buying their own video games? You need to be a little more selfish when it comes to your own needs, that's not called being a martyr, btw. jo x
  11. Thank goodness, we wouldn't want your mother ranting on about how unfair life has been to her again!
  12. Weird while I was reading this, you replied to my status, thinking of what to say since I know your intention was not to be funny. But that catchphrase....'and then there is my mother' drew me in. I got a few shits and giggles from the 'ewwwww' since I can relate to that one. And those simple things like a shower and clean hair really can be uplifting. I hope you got to take a nap and it rejuvenated you, feel better. Enjoy your chocolate today! ly jo x
  13. Wow, that was a lot to deal with, but you came out strong, just reading this proves that. Now I get your status too....keep on being the courageous person that you are bella jo x
  14. there really are no words, I hear your pain x
  15. you have to stop playing that old recording in your head, your mother was not a very nice person, you know better....keep reminding yourself that you are worthy and a good person...I know it's not easy to get rid of those old demons but they were what got us in here in the first place, let's try burying the bastards, all of them! x