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  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!! Yes relationships can heal if your not busy butting heads, which is so hard not to do sometimes. Learning to express ourselves and be willing to risk a bit of wise vulnerability makes all the difference. It is a skill the world so needs.
  2. Thanks a lot Lily. I think this is a great idea! niita
  3. Thank you Ineloquent the size would really be a challenge!
  4. I always thought it was weird that it smiled afterward too. I guess it's like when you want to express barfing over like a political comment or something. IDK
  5. Go to the drop down arrow top right by your avatar. then settings then my notifications
  6. So very beatifully said! Thank you, nita
  7. Thank you for sharing this beautifully written incredibly insightful and sad blog. It sounds a lot like me and I know how much it hurts. Take gentle care, (hugs if ok) nita