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  1. hey, just read ur blog, and im sorry that you feel as if no one wants to talk to you about what happened. I know how you feel especially with the cutting. Im so thankful for my boyfriend who has gotten me to recently stop. Its hard i know...if you want to talk about it or just talk about whatever im here...just leave me a message
  2. Invisible Relief

    Why do i feel as if relief from pain is so far away that it remains unseen? Everyday i mourn the loss of what was precious to me, i despise how it was viciously taken away from my powerless grasp. Cruel visions burn in my head that unveil my dreams as nightmares leaving me with sleepless nights. I stare thoughtless into the darkness, this simmering deep within my soul will not extinguish. I cringe at hands that used to soothe my fears and worry. Relief is a heaven i cannot find, a god i cannot see...
  3. hey, I'm not going to say that i completely understand what you're going through but i do to a point. Im 19 years old and i sort of had the same problems you're having now. I felt so trapped and alone at home. I was severely depressed and ...lets just say messed up. I had to get out because i could no longer take it. I literally had to escape in the early morning hours, looking behind my shoulders the whole way. I've been gone for a little over a month now and i don't regret it at all. Although i do miss my younger brother and dog dearly,I'm trying to start a whole new life. I guess what i wanted to say to you is that don't give up...fight for what you want in life, your dreams...thats the only way you'll make it. I hope things will look better for you soon. You have your whole life ahead of you so live it. btw..your more than welcome to check my profile and leave a message