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  1. I can relate about the negative overpower positive, happens to me alot
  2. Aww that is sad. I know how hard it is I have a daughter who since March has been to three different homes because of her behavior. Now she is in a stable enviroment. Hopefully, that little girl will get the support and stability that she needs.
  3. Wow writing is a good and helaing. Keep writing and take good care
  4. I think you are so strong in your healing tome
  5. I think you are so strong in your healing tome
  6. I can relate..hope you feel better soon
  7. You are so strong!
  8. Aww I'm sorry
  9. Aw that is so thoughful of you. I know the feeling it could be very trumatic for a child to have so many changes. I have a ten year old who ia tje last six months three dif homes and new school, new therapist Reading your blog I feel little hope knowing that you care about that little girl as a human being Have a good day!
  10. very good taking good care throughing your healing peocess
  11. I'm sorry. It sounds like you are doing some good positive things for yourself. I deal with depression so I understand all too well how you feel Keep on taking good care
  12. I understand what you mean. Take.good care
  13. Oh I'm sorry ur having a hard time
  14. I'm sorry
  15. That's great happy for you