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    To Be the one that cares when no one else does-
  1. My NAme is Brittney- from Destin, FLorida- I'm 19 in college in NAshville Tennessee at Belmont UNiversity-psychology major i have medium length dark brown hair- i'm home for the summer living with my wonderful parents- i want to study abroad at Oxford University and then go to HArvard LAw School so that one day i can be a state prosecutor and help change the legal system- i am a die hard optimist- i hate thinking negative- i love helping people- i usually think of others before me- i love movies and books- i watch a lot of crime shows- csi, criminal minds, svu, law&order- i never want anyone to feel left out or alone so i try and make friends with everyone- i am mixed (black dad and white mom) which i love- i love purple clothes but my favorite color is blue- tigers are my favorite animals- when i smile my whole face smiles- i look the same as i did when i was a baby- people always think i'm 12 or younger (actually 19) i have slight ocd- i wash my hands frequently- i hate odd numbers- i like things straight and even- i somewhat a neat freak- i LOVE to laugh- i have one of those obnoxious laughs that people at first hate but grow to love- because i laugh A LOT- like at everything (probably why ppl think i'm 12-:-p)- basically i'm short -5'3- mixed- love to talk and laugh- strong desire to help others- and i wanna make a difference
  2. Betrayals- 1. My Cousin (29) - he was my favorite cousin out of hundreds always looked forward to seeing him when i visited my mawmaw- then when i was 18 decided it was okay to molest me and then try and rape me- he was someone i thought i could count on and someone i thought was a good adult- i couldn't have been more wrong 2. My MAwmaw- she told my parents my cousin could no longer live in her house after what he did to me- a week later he was back in the house and she pays for most of his things 3. My "best friend"- it was really hard for me to talk about- and after i told her- she just blew it off and told me about how great her and her boyfriend were doing- she acted like it wasnt a big deal at all 4. Myself- i don't talk about it- i don't deny it but i avoid it- i figure if i stay positive and only think of happy things that it'll eventually go away- it's like a dark spot i'm trying to cover up with smile
  3. My mawmaw did allowed my cousin back into her house TO LIVE after i told her what happened and she said she believed me and that he couldn't stay at her house but a week later he was back- and she pays for everything for him- i don't get it- does she believe me and not care- or she just thinks i'm lying?? fair to say i'm a tad p.o
  4. some of my triggers- that i guess are weird - cannot be held by my wrist- even playing around - can't watch " freedom writer's" - being called beautiful by certain men - walking anywhere alone - laying on a couch at night- (during the day perfectly fine) - whispering in my ear - some large black men - being in my house alone - watching some crime shows like svu- csi- (used to love them) - silence at night- need music or some type of noise - wood creeking - being grabbed - talking about my mawmaw house - the way some guys hug me wow- that's a lot- umm yeah well that's my list- and the triggers don't freak me out like i can function but they cause me to have to focus on some other thought while the moment passes