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    share what has helped me heal, books I have read, I heal by listening. I have ADHD and Auditory Processing disorder-since I cant hear tone of voice-If I misinterpret what you say please ask -the intent is not to hurt.
  1. The best thing is to write about the details of the experience. etc. And talking is healing regarding talk about details. I did. That is going to help you to heal. If your afraid to write details on here-you can write them to me in the private email box thing All that you say is well and good but can be used before during and after you write what you need to write. We women need to talk about details and how we feel about it etc. That is how we heal Judith
  2. Hi Our brains sometimes will bring it back unsconsciously when something is going on. It gets better where you dont feel it anymore but can let it go quicker when the feelings etc are gone. It is ok to be angry . Becuase he overstep his bounds. etc. Judith
  3. Hi You are within your right to tell your mother to lay off regarding your divorce with your hubby. Your divorce is very different from your mothers leaving your father. Yes it is sad for both. And yes you will be there for your daughter. Becuase you have had counseling and can get it for you and your daughter if she is needing to talk to you but cant. But I doubt that being the case. Your daughter has info about her father that your mother didnt have about your own dad when she was divorce him. In the sense that Your mother wont seek counseling to resolve the issues and your dad probably could have if he could have. So your mother needs to lay off. Judith
  4. wow. That is beautiful. It shows the healing and the ... cant think of my word. I gave a card to my first counselor. Judith
  5. Yep you will remember the good instead of the sad day. It takes time. love you. I am sorry I wasnt responding when this was written. It is hard to let go of someone that has been a support for a long time. Judith
  6. I can understand the sad feelings of missing someone. Like that Judith
  7. HI Missophelia You will be able to start trusting again in time with the new one. It takes about a few sessions when you see her working style. That is what we usually will do with anyone. Build trust Judith
  8. I felt the same way with my counselor when I went to another. on the betrayal thing. HI love you Judith
  9. Missophelai Dont be afraid to write me details. SOmething in there can help me as well when you need to write about alot. Judith
  10. Missophelia Writing can help you to heal in the m eantime. Online or on paper. I am always here for you to write me privately. I can understand having to change counselors. I hated for the two I have had to have to leave them. One through my own choice and another due to beyond my control. Judith
  11. HI Missophelia. I am sorry that happen to you and your daughter. even the divorce. But you can make it and heal. It will help you to heal more better without him there. Can you go to a shelter for now. Womens crisis Shelter. They can help you get on your feet. This is a shock to me. I am sorry I havent been writing. I do want to read what you ahve written. Take it one day at a time after you write yoru list. A list will help you. YOu can make it. You can make it to where you can heal better without him there. Love you Judith
  12. HI sharing Because we are female and our mothers are a "part of us" So a part of us will always have a biolotical bond-so that makes it hard to keep distance at times. emotional. love hate thing with them. But it is good to keep a physical distance. Thoughts? Judith
  13. Hi sharing She is so emotionally wounded that something snapped in her. writing and talk about things is healing -I am sorry you have been hurt by her Judith
  14. Hi UM The DBT stands for DBT is this: Dialectical behavior therapy It starts with behavior and then moves to mind How are you doing? Judith
  15. I felt the same way about my cat. Maybe if you can check up on your cat more often than not. It will help you to know that she is doing okay. I miss my cat when i went on trips Judith